Padenti Mannu

Salted goat’s ricotta (whey cheese)

Mature goat’s milk ricotta cheese, obtained by heating the whey from the processing of goat’s milk cheeses. The heat brings the ricotta curds to the surface: they are carefully scooped up and placed into perforated cylindrical baskets. After pressing and salting, the ricotta is packaged.

Cylindrical shape, with flat top and bottom and straight heel. No rind, brilliant white. The paste is white and creamy. Its taste is mild and thanks to its protein content, it has high nutritional value. This product is excellent as a side dish, in salads or as a condiment.

Goat’s milk whey, salt.

15 days minimum.


Diameter 20-22 cm. Height 10-12 cm. Weight 3 kg.

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