Sheep’s milk cheese with black pepper grains.

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A cheese with great character and naturally flavoursome. It is obtained from whole sheep’s milk from flocks roaming free in the extensive open pasturelands of Sardinia.

The rind is grooved. Cylindrical shape, with flat top and bottom and slightly convex heel. The rind is grooved and thin, straw-yellow in colour. The paste is compact, white or tending to straw yellow, with whole grains of black pepper. The taste is aromatic and pleasantly tangy.

Sheep’s milk, salt, lamb rennet, black pepper grains, lactic starter.

60-150 days for large cheeses. 10 days minimum for small cheeses.

Diameter: 35 cm for large cheeses, 25-26 cm for small cheeses. Height: 13-15 cm.

15-18 kg for large cheeses, 8-10 kg for small cheeses.

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