PDO Pecorino Romano cheese.

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PDO Pecorino Romano cheese is amongst the most ancient and valuable specialities of Sardinia’s cheese-making tradition. It is obtained from whole sheep’s milk from flocks roaming free in the extensive open pasturelands of Sardinia.

For slicing or grating, cylindrical shape, with flat top and bottom and straight heel. The rind is thin, white in colour, straw yellow or black-coated. Medium-hard cheese, compact or with small eyes, white when fresh and slightly straw-yellow when mature. Hard cheese with a sharp, intense and aromatic taste that becomes tangy as it matures. “Pecorino Romano D.O.P.” is stamped across the heel, together with the official logo, the chees-maker’s code and the year and month of production.

Sheep’s milk, salt, Sardinian lamb’s rennet crust, lactic starter.

5 months minimum (table cheese). 8 months minimum (cheese for grating).

Whole cheese size
Diameter 25-35 cm. Height 29-30 cm. Average weight 26-28 kg.

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